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Image of Philomena Harmsworth Title in Mistral Font

Dismantle for Flow

Portrait Photo of Philomena Harmsworth in front of a painting

Dismantle for Flow”, Spoken Art Performance.

“Dismantle for Flow” is a performance by an artist and poet. A spoken and visual journey- a pause on my way round understanding the world- I have had to dismantle my thoughts to allow flow. I find writing is visual and paintings narrative, these are the same thing, only utilising different mediums. The performance will be of poetry, art, video and a book (“So Far…”*).

“Dismantle for Flow” is told in a myriad of short stories that kaleidoscope together to make up the whole. The performance has been described as ‘mesmerizing’.

‘I am reveling in the place where art forms cross over: I have cut my paintings out and incorporated them into 3D models, my sculptures are paintings on a 3D surface, my writing embroiders poetry with spoken visuals.’

“Dismantle for Flow” is performance art that will show how all these practices merge- breaking new territory with the deluge.


Performing on Saturday the 29th of June, 3.30-4.30 at “The Studio” New Park Community Centre, New Park Rd, PO19 7XY Chichester, West Sussex.


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