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Creative Explorer & Method Artist

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I did my formal training in London at Camberwell College of Art and then at Wimbledon. I trained as a theatre designer but just kept coming back to paint, after all, painting was my first love. I still like to sketch and the whole craft aspect of art. We all love to people watch! Although it’s almost less about how people actually look, more about capturing how they are. I also sit outside, well really only in good weather, and paint actual scenes from life. All this collated imagery becomes a visual symbolism that feeds into my narrative paintings: images that tell stories. I have exhibited in London, Dorset, Brighton and Lewes. I was then fortunate enough to have been invited to exhibit at Farley Farm House, Home of the Surrealists. I learnt about these artists in my school textbooks so I was over the moon to be hanging my work in a building next door to giants of Modernism! I invited the mayor of Lewes to open the exhibition, he agreed and then bought a painting of Bonfire Night over Lewes and the Ooze.


Latest News

@ The Town Mill, Lyme Regis

I have been invited to hang paintings in a mixed show at the Town Mill, Lyme Regis. I subsequently fitted my cellar out for oil painting; (now that my studio is at home, oil painting is too anti socially smelly for the general living space!) I drew on sketches I have... read more

Sketches in Clay

There is a body of work coming together for Philomena, flirting with the idea of women as vessels. The collection of vessels so far, is of a domestic kind. Figureheads on boats become creatures in their own right that contain liquid, and pour as jugs. Receptacles are... read more

Delicious Dorset

Anyone who has known Dorset all their lives will find it a very hard place to leave. It leaves poetry in your veins. Dorset folk know how to sum up Dorset in few, and singularly simple words. This exhibition is an ode to having Dorset and the Dorset way in my veins,... read more

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