We all know instinctively that the colour volume is turned up to full volume in the summer, and muted into subtlety in the winter. Autumn is a bonkers display of reds oranges and yellows contrasting against grey skies, those brilliant leaves eventually covering the floor and turning back into earth. But what happens in spring?

The allotments at Earwig Corner on the Ringmer turning before Lewes, have always caught my eye. I sat there for the painting entitled “The First Day of Spring” (pictured above). I knew, only for the first few moments what colours the tree, earth and sky were, all still naked from the late winter. As the hours went by the colours became unsure and then indistinguishable from each other. Earth is brown! Shrubbery grows from the earth and has varying shades of brown in its essence all the rest of the year. So why in Spring is the earth and tree shades of the sky? I can only think that the colour of the sky has seeped into the earth over the 3 months of winter, and it is the sun that warms it back to its hues of yellow. Or maybe its my winter wearied eyes that the newness of Spring is too much for?

I hope you enjoy my Spring in the Lewes allotments series

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