Philomena Harmsworth has returned with her ever popular Seasonal Exhibition at the New Inn in Stoke Abbott. This year she has an exciting new collection of paintings, encompassing creatures and landscapes.


The creatures appear to have been conjured from nature; hiding quiet and still. Wintery animals evoked by the noise of the rain and still crisp air. They are there and they are not; Stags and does fading away into their natural environment. In contrast to the elusive hidden creatures, there are also bumbling piglets, which are lively and raucous.


The landscapes are both a celebraion of nature, and a development of Philomena’s narrative forms. She has based a series of paintings around the poem “The Raven” by Coleridge. She has been inspired by the images of the pigs crunching acorns, and the Raven who ‘belonged, they did say, to the witch Melancholy’. The colours of the poem have infused the paintings – the warm oranges and the silvery grey skies of winter.

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