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Page from the book "So Far..." by Philomena Harmsworth Page from the book "So Far..." by Philomena HarmsworthPage from the book "So Far..." by Philomena Harmsworth“So Far…” the piece of artwork in the guise of a book.

After the initial months of work designing this book and putting it into printable formats, I found I had to go on workshops, one to make the book cover, and a second 10 minute master class by genius ‘paper engineer’ Corina Fletcher (who has her artwork in the Royal Academy bookshop) to make the pop-up pages, each part is hand finished. The hand finishing takes a whole day per book. So I am hoping that you realize that this book is an absolute bargain at £70 each.

If you do realize what a treat you will be in for for such a snip, send me a personal email here


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