I’m taking over the New Inn with my ceramics again! The Many Vesseled Women, female figurines, will be dancing this time. It all began with a sub series I have been tinkering with called ‘Moth to a Flame’ risen from my drawing trips to the Booth museum, a local collection of dated Victoriana. Museum staff allowed me in with my clay and paints to draw directly onto pots from the cases of moth displays. The “Yellow Flower” candlestick holders are about the fascination moths have with light. The dancing light entrancing them; moth vision if you like! This idea has borne the many candelstick holders in this new collection focusing on translating movement and the illusion of dancing light.

Come along- these candlestick holders have to be seen to be believed. You may even stumble across something perfect for a perfect someone? Come and see the creations and join me for something heart-warming by the fireside.

It will be at the cosy New Inn, Stoke Abbott, Saturday 25th of November, 5 – 7pm ONLY


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