Bridport girl Philomena Harmsworth has produced a body of work that encapsulates the sea in all sailing weathers. The pictures are mainly comprised of  boats on the water, of beautifully built athletes glimpsed in mid-action wrestling with and mastering the wind in the sails of their sailing boats, doing the ‘tacking dance’ – and even a Greek sail boat winging its way down Weymouth Harbour.

Philomena says: ‘The sailors are outlined as in the early Grecian pottery painting style, and the scenes are in a spectrum of alluring blues. The harrying wind, high speed of travel through the waves and the motion of boats on the water, are all key themes to this set of pictures. The juxtaposition of ancient Greeks with modern boats and scenarios explores the similarities of our present day Olympic games to the original joys of competing’

Finally there are pictures of a peopled Weymouth, with men sitting on the harbour wall passing the time of day, or of pretty bunting and a fun fair on the green. These are an exaltation of Weymouth in the sunshine: a congenial place for a day out.

Philomena’s exhibition runs from 21st July – 12th August, open daily 11am – 6pm.


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