29th May – 13th June

“The Little Art Gallery” 2 Church Street, Beaminster, DT8 3AZ. T: 01308 863 131

Series 1

Philomena Harmsworth, Interchanging ColoursSeries 2

Philomena Harmsworth, Series 2


Series 3


Philomena Harmsworth, Series 3

Series 4

Philomena Harmsworth, Series 4Press Release for Series Of Four

Stoke Abbott artist, Philomena Harmsworth, is rapidly becoming a talent to watch and is currently based at St Michael’s Studios, Bridport.

The Series of Four are a continuation and deepening of the Coming Home and Moving On theme. The previous exhibition focused very much on absolute positivism and the sense of happiness she feels from being back here in Dorset.

This Series of Four are autobiographical of the last four years of her life, centred on the pivotal event of moving back to Dorset two years ago and what it has means for her. The first three are a prequel to the previous show. The final piece is about a feeling of freedom, “but I have an idea that I may be filling the gap between piece 3 and 4 with sub headings for the rest of my life: it has unearthed huge possibilities…”

She has finally put together the series that are a culmination of thoughts that have taken three years to develop. They are oil paintings on canvas true to “my love of paint, for the pictorial element and for the traditional beauty and permanence” She has used Cubist techniques ‘for a sense of transience’ (1 & 2), and Futurist for an ‘impression of movement’ (3 & 4).

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