Sugar and Spice – new work by Philomena Harmsworth

Gullivers Hotel, New Steine Road, Brighton, BN2 1PD, T: 01273 681546

March 31st – June 10th

Opening Night: Sunday 6th May 6-8


Philomena Harmsworth, the dynamic new artistic presence in East Sussex is preparing her latest exhibition, entitled “Sugar and Spice”. Her new set of paintings will be at the Gullivers Hotel on Brighton’s water front, from 31st March to 10th June , as part of the Brighton Fringe festival and Brighton Open House.


Brighton Fringe Flyer, Sugar and Spice

This innovative collection has some very unusual pictures in it. The thread that runs through all of them is “women”, and the many overlapping aspects within that theme.

There are strong archetypal woman figures; from earth mothers to girls in frilly dresses playing with dolls.  There are pictures of domesticity, mothers and newborns, interior furnishings. Some of the pictures are firmly grounded, some are very floaty and ethereal.

Several of the paintings toy with metaphysics; exploring the interplay between surface appearance of manners and civilisation, and the truth of the dark undertones that can lie beneath. For example one picture has two women having tea and cake around a table; one with Francis Bacon-like undercurrents behind her, the other with a sunny landscape and a pink, gauzy void.

There are pictures relating to story themes and poetry, such as the serpent Lamia, from Keat’s romantic poem, then a girl playing with a doll’s house, with her big godly hands, part of the house is in Hitchcock-like darkness.

Finally a series of creative images feature a weaver, making a story, or a mother embroidering a story onto the dress of her daughter.

So if you want to come and find out what this energetic sensation is all about, pop into the Gullivers Hotel, New Steine Road, BN2 1PD, T: 01273 681546. Please come along to the opening night on Sunday the 6th of May from 6 to 8pm where you will be welcomed by the artist herself.

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