The ever-popular artist Philomena Harmsworth returns to Beaminster for a Christmas Exhibition at Le Vieux Four. Building on the success of last year’s seasonal collection, she has incorporated new, softer elements into her distinctive style. She is also gathering momentum with her new collection of Musician pictures, and she will be offering a sneak preview of some of them as part of this exhibition.


The seasonal pictures use varying shades of blue, to echo that atmospheric time between day and night; the moody skies and the enchanting surroundings of Dorset as the light changes. The paintings pick up on that in-between time. In contrast, also showing the “warmth within” – glowing faces and buildings; lights from windows spilling outside, the inside radiance of people and animals. She captures the seasonal ambience with narrative elements.


Philomena has used people and animals in nearly every picture for this exhibition. Her pure landscapes, which represented her need for space after living in London for so long, are now slowly filling with living creatures. The much-admired stag returns, and there are small pictures of country fauna such as pheasants. She has also produced some pictures of Beaminster Square, again with inhabitants.


Additionally there is a series of framed drawings and collages, entitled “Pages from my sketchbook”. These are affordable snippets of Philomena’s work in progress – exciting fragments of her raw ideas.


Twilight and Orange runs from 27th November to New Year’s Eve, at the Le Vieux Four in Beaminster’s North Street (closed Mondays).


By Carolyn Emett

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